This morning, Jane escaped police custody while being transported to a court-mandated therapy session. She was found by Hartford police this afternoon and is reportedly being taken back to state custody. At this time the exact conditions of her detention are unknown.

Many wonder why Jane would attempt to escape today, on her way to a therapy session. Let’s look at her history with DCF: From a very young age, Jane was placed by DCF in extremely traumatizing conditions, where she was subject to rape, assault, trafficking and drug exposure. Much of this abuse happened at the hands of DCF employees. Jane was severely punished for having symptoms of PTSD and reacting to inappropriate behavior from staff. Part of this punishment was her detention for over a month at York Correctional, a women’s prison - without any charges being filed. DCF Commissioner Joette Katz, who as head of DCF has the responsibilities of Jane’s guardian, has been hostile to Jane since news of Jane’s imprisonment became publicly known. When asked about Jane’s court affidavit (http://www.documentcloud.org/documents/1113035-4-14-14affidavit-redacted-reduced.html), in which Jane details the horrific abuse she sustained at the hands of DCF workers, Katz brushed off the statements and did nothing to investigate the situation. Instead, Katz made herself out to be a victim, talking about how difficult her job is and what a monster Jane is. She said that many kids in the care of CT DCF die, and that Jane is lucky to not be one of them.

After community outrage resulted in her release from York, Jane was continuously demonized by Katz, which affected her chances of being placed in an appropriate facility. Furthermore, multiple loving families and individuals have reached out to DCF with the hopes of adopting Jane Doe. DCF has not replied to any of these requests. Most recently she was held for over a month in a solitary cell at the CT Juvenile Training School at Middletown, which is a facility for male youth. She was placed there after being part of a fight where she was attacked. As far as we know, no one else involved in that incident was attacked. Certainly no one else was transferred to a boys’ facility. Today was a turning point and shows that this new program was too little, too late after everything that Jane has endured, including months in solitary confinement.

The promises made to Jane by Katz and DCF were all broken, and Jane is right to mistrust the system that abused her. We urge all of you to put pressure on that system now. Please call, tweet, email and otherwise contact CT DCF and Governor Malloy with the demands that:

  • Jane not have charges pressed against her for her escape
  • Jane be placed in an appropriate facility that is conducive to her healing and safety, with her input and approval
  • Statute 17a-12, which sanctions the indefinite imprisonment of children in DCF care, be repealed
  • Commissioner Katz be fired
  • There be an independent investigation into CT DCF’s treatment of its vulnerable youth.

Jane has become the public face of the glaring truth that the system is unable to care for those who are most in need. From sanctioned DCF abuse to the racist police violence epidemic to the school-to-prison pipeline to the lack of safe homes and resources for LGBTQ youth, her case is just one example of the inability of the current system to take care of the most vulnerable among us. In fact, as Jane’s case has shown, those more vulnerable youth are most likely to suffer more abuse and humiliation at the hands of the state. We urge anyone and everyone who has been mistreated at the hands of DCF or the Department of Corrections to come out and speak out on September 27 at the DCF headquarters in Hartford.


For over a month now, Jane has been in solitary confinement at CT Training Juvenile School, the boys’ facility. Legal progress has been slow and things are pretty stagnant with regard to progress on her case. We were promised an update this week on the possibility of a transfer and will report that as soon as we receive it. For now, please continue sending Jane letters of support and stay posted for a call to action. We believe that Jane’s case will stay in juvenile court, but that certainly doesn’t mean she is OK or that we need to stop fighting. 
We need to renew our forces in demanding the truth about Jane’s conditions, demanding that she be released immediately and that her abusers be brought to justice. Stay tuned - we will be announcing a social media blast about Jane with the same demands we have been pushing for - Jane’s release, Katz’s removal, the repeal of statute 17a-12 and an independent investigation into CT DCF.

CALL TO ACTION: Jane Moved to BOYS’ Facility! Call & Tweet DCF and Malloy

Yesterday, July 13, Jane Doe was unexpectedly transferred to CT Juvenile Training School, a locked facility for boys. The transfer was done in secret, without informing her lawyers. DCF is claiming that she is currently being held there in solitary confinement. This means that at best, our sister is in solitary AGAIN, this time in a facility for delinquent males who have been charged with crimes. At worst, she is in general population with those same males.

Effective immediately, we are asking people to call and tweet at CT Governor Dannel Malloy and CT DCF with the following demands:

1. Release Jane Doe from the CT Juvenile Training School into an appropriate environment approved by her therapist. CJTS is a facility for males on parole status - Jane is neither male nor on parole! Release her immediately into a loving foster / adoptive home! 
2. Fire DCF Commissioner Joette Katz now. This person has done enough damage to Jane Doe and who knows how many other youth in her “care”. She is clearly on a sick vendetta against Jane, using Jane’s gender identity to torture her further.
3. CT legislature must repeal CT statute 17a-12, which allows DCF to imprison children and place them in inappropriate, traumatizing environments
4. Launch an independent investigation into CT DCF to uncover ALL the abuses permitted and perpetrated against children in their care.

Call Malloy: 860-566-4840
Call DCF (demand Jane’s immediate release): 860-550-6300
Tweet: @CTDCF and @GovMalloyOffice. Use #JusticeForJane hashtag.

Sample message(s):

  • I’m calling to express my disgust that the abuse of Jane Doe, the 16-year-old transgender victim of trafficking, is continuing at the hands of DCF Commissioner Joette Katz. I am demanding that Jane be immediately released from the CT Juvenile Training School boys’ facility, be given the therapy she deserves and be allowed to be fostered or adopted into a loving home. 

  • It is clear that a commissioner who goes on such a sick vendetta against an abused child, lies about the child’s treatment and demonizes her in order to preserve her own reputation is unfit to hold her highly compensated position. No child should suffer like Jane Doe is. I am demanding that Commissioner Katz be fired now and that her position be filled by someone who knows how to deal with trauma and is not prejudiced against trans* youth. 

  • CT statute 17a-12, which allows DCF to imprison children and which has been the legal root of Jane’s suffering, must be repealed by CT legislature immediately. 

  • Finally, these events and the words of other children in the care of DCF show that Jane is not a unique case. I am demanding that an independent investigation be launched into CT DCF’s treatment of children. Whatever Katz’s preferences may be, it is not OK for a department whose agents traffic and rape children to investigate itself. The safety of these children is at stake and an independent investigation is imperative.

Please stay tuned for announcements of on-the-ground protests, rallies and marches to support Jane. Spread this information far and wide!

J4J organizers just spoke with Jane’s lawyer. We expect that the transfer to the Middletown facility will happen tomorrow (Monday) and will post as soon as we’ve confirmed that it’s happened. While this is not the complete victory that we’ve been fighting for, it is a partial victory and much better than solitary confinement at York, the adult prison, and Jane is very anxious to get out. The fight continues to get Jane moved to a more appropriate facility and ultimately to get DCF to release her into the care of a loving family. Please continue sending your letters of love and support to Jane. Watch this page for updates tomorrow and the next steps in this struggle.


Just received notice from Jane’s lawyer that if she is not released by Monday the 23rd, there WILL be a hearing on Wednesday the 25th. Jane will testify. We should be prepared to pack the courtroom for Jane. Please keep your eye on this page, our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates on whether the hearing will be happening and what time. We will know for sure on Monday and will keep you in the loop!

Trans Health Conference
Philadelphia Convention Center 
1200 Arch St. Philadelphia, PA 19107
Room 109B
Saturday, June 14 @12:00 noon


Join J4J organizers and supporters at the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference on Saturday, June 14 at 12:00PM for lunch and a discussion on Jane’s case. 

Hear Jane’s story and discuss what is being done and what more can be done to secure justice for Jane and all youth in her position.
Jane Doe is a 16-year-old Latina trans girl who has been in an adult prison for over 2 months without charges because the Connecticut Department of Children and Families has been unable to provide her with a safe and therapeutic environment. She has been in DCF’s care for 11 years and has suffered countless and horrible abuses at their hands.

Topics include:

• Who is Jane Doe and what has CT DCF done to her?
• How can we unite multiple struggles to help Jane and others like her?
• What is next in the struggle for Justice for Jane?
• Join the conversation! Share your experience and discuss ways to get Justice for Jane and all trans youth!

We received notice from Jane’s lawyer today saying that the hearing for Monday is off due to progress in getting her transferred. DCF has promised that Jane will be transferred to a youth facility in Massachusetts by Friday the 20th. Our event is still on! We are moving it to DCF headquarters in order to hold their feet to the fire and make sure that they keep their promise. Too many promises to Jane have been broken, and too many lies have been said to Jane and about her. We will not back down until Jane is safe and justice is in place for all youth like her!

This is Jane.

Jane asked her supporters to share this representation of her so you can see her as the person that those of us who know her best do: a teenager who wants to smile with friends, shop for prom dresses with Janet Mock, and have a family to love her.

She wants you to see her this way because today is the 65th day that she has been in prison at an adult facility despite never having been charged with a crime or convicted of one.

View the post via the link above.

Statement from Jane’s lawyer:

We are preparing for our hearing in federal court scheduled for the 16th. It has been over 50 days of illegal incarceration for this young girl. We have always been open to discussion to work toward a resolution. We would welcome an agreement between the parties. If one cannot be reached prior to the scheduled court date we look forward to presenting our case before the judge and allowing him to determine what the appropriate conditions of confinement for Jane should be.

Tweet Storm & Letter Writing - Monday, 9PM Eastern

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Monday, 9PM Eastern

Join a letter-writing and tweet storm Monday, June 2nd from 9PM-12AM Eastern time (6PM-9PM Pacific) demanding #JusticeForJane! June 2nd marks the 55th day of Jane’s* imprisonment, and 25 days since Governor Malloy said that Jane “must be moved to another setting as quickly as possible” on May 9th.

HOW TO JOIN: Use the hashtag #JusticeForJane on Twitter. Share with your followers why you’re demanding justice for Jane, a 16-year-old Latina trans girl who has been held in an adult prison in Connectcut, in near solitary conditions, since April 8th. Demand that @CTDCF and @GovMalloyOffice take immediate action to release Jane to a safe and therapeutic environment.

WRITE A LETTER: Jane also needs letters of support and encouragement to get through this time. Email a letter to justice4janedoe@gmail.com. #JusticeForJane organizers will pass it to her attorney, who brings letters to Jane when he visits.

What to write: Messages of love, support and encouragement. Your letter doesn’t need to be long. Just let Jane know that you care and that you are one of the many people fighting for her.

*Note: Because she is a minor, we are referring to her as “Jane Doe.”

Lunes , 21:00 del Este
Únase a un envío de cartas y Twitter tormenta Lunes, 02 de Junio de 9 p.m.-12 a.m. , hora del Este ( 18:00-21:00 Pacífico ) exigiendo #JusticeForJane! 02 de junio se celebra el día de la 55ª de Jane * encarcelamiento, y 25 días desde que el gobernador Malloy dijo que Jane “se debe mover a otro ajuste lo más rápido posible” el 9 de Mayo.

CÓMO PARTICIPAR: Utilice el hashtag # JusticeForJane en Twitter . Comparte con sus seguidores por qué estás exigiendo justicia para Jane , una chica trans latina de 16 años de edad que ha estado detenido en una prisión de adultos en Connectcut , en condiciones solitarias cerca , desde el 8 de abril. Exigir que @CTDCF y @GovMalloyOffice tomar medidas inmediatas para liberar a Jane a un medio ambiente seguro y terapéutico.

ESCRIBE UNA CARTA: Jane también necesita cartas de apoyo y aliento para superar este momento . Enviar una carta a justice4janedoe@gmail.com . Organizadores # JusticeForJane pasarán a su abogado, quien trae cartas a Jane cuando visita .
¿Qué escribir : Mensajes de amor , apoyo y aliento . Su carta no tiene por qué ser largo. Simplemente deja que Jane sabe que usted se preocupa y que usted es una de las muchas personas que luchan por ella.

* Nota : Debido a que ella es menor de edad, nos referimos a ella como “Jane Doe”.